Some highlights from the 2011 Creative Commons Global Summit


First save up your bandwidth for 40min of amazing tunes from the Usta Concert Global Party at the Zacheta Art Gallery.


Berglind Osk Bergsdottir: Global Summit Recap

She has some great quotes from the conference

“Websites or only our tools, creative innovation is the goal”

“Please copy this record to all of your friends” – Christian Villum

“Freedom of expression is the right to know what everyone knows” - J.P Barlow

“[with our current copyright laws] children are criminals” – Lawrence Lessig

Public Lead for Qatar Brian Wesolowski’s thoughts on Powering an Open Future and the Summit


Read through Dr. Leonard Dobusch “live” blog of the summit

Editors note: Leonard has an uncanny amount of knowledge of Canadian politics and has the ability to make a 6hour train ride to Berlin fly.


Summit slides available on Slideshare

One of my favourite talks was Please Copy this record to all of your friends.


Summit pics available on Flickr