A surge of fresh energy has awoken among the African regional teams, as we have the pleasure of announcing the double-strength power of  two new Creative Commons Regional Project Managers for Africa.

Photo Credit: Paul Scott (Flickr) CC BY - thanks!

Our particular privilege is that we have one of the new leaders really close-by; our Legal Lead for CC South Africa: legal scholar and open advocate Tobias Schonwetter.

From the heart of the burgeoning East African tech space, our Kenyan team’s telecommunication and access specialist Alex Gakuru.

Together they will be bringing the wealth of their extensive knowledge, experience and vision to help us build formidable African CC projects through the next 18 months. Congratulations fellows.
We’re thrilled, and ready.

Photo Credit: DTKindler Photo (Flickr) CC BY - thank you David!


Our heartfelt thanks to our outgoing, but no less outstanding, African Regional Lead – Creative Commons counsel,  Aurelia Schultz. She brought her love for the continent, fierce advocacy for open access, helping IP law move into the 21st century (and of course, her glorious fashion sense) to nurturing the affiliate teams in Africa. With which we have been enriched! Thank you so much Aurelia.



Onward, the Continental-Sized Quest

The focus of the African teams is to promote Creative Commons licensing, with a special emphasis on open education and open access. We believe that robust, interoperable flows of culture, knowledge and research can flip the fate of our continent.

Opening the paths for intrepid learners, creators and innovators, to traverse with easy-to-understand legal and technical tools, is a mission we have seen kindle liberation, genius, health and hope. Help us clear the blockades. Let’s work together!

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