Have you got a little time to spare to help us convert our legal code into HTML code? We would SO appreciate your help to make the SA Web just a little more robust and legally healthier for its citizens. Our great bearded CC SA tech lead, Paul Scott has been overwhelmed with work and we need a helping crew. Please.

Why does this matter?

Even though the global, unported Creative Commons license will serve you well in crafting the copyrights that you choose for your digital works across the Web, local is lekker when it comes to more surely enforcing your rights where a South African judge would be presiding.

Remember that Creative Commons licenses have a spectrum from public domain, through simple attribution (where people who use your work must credit you), to allowing remix or derivative works (fan-fiction, sampling, building on your video or 3D schematics or even your photos) to the non-commercial license (where you happily exercise financial benefit from your work, but legally stop others from using your work commercially). This all makes the Web more pliable and legally clearer for us to BUILD on each other’s brilliance, and so we evolve faster, and make the Web a much richer, less top-down-consumer-broadcast-limited-access kind of wonderland.

Many countries around the world have taken the set of licenses, and “ported” them into their own jurisdiction. Meaning the legal code written in a way that makes it understood easily within the legal system of THAT context and country.

South Africa has a heritage of being one of the earlier countries to have a local set of licenses, thanks to the pioneering work of legal scholar and CC Legal Lead, Andrew Rens, with a host of support. Now thanks to our African regional coordinator and ZA Legal Lead Tobias Schonwetter, we have updated to Version 3 of the South African licenses. I realise this may not be thrilling to all who hear this, but it is quietly monumental for nurturing copyright freedoms in South Africa. (win).

The CC licenses have 3 codes to help them work well in various worlds: the human-readable (symbols and plain language), legal code for the lawyers & courts, and machine-readable code for the bots. We need your help in getting that middle code up for the lawyers, so that there are no fuzzy areas for those who choose to license their work more openly.

Are you in?

If this sounds like something you could do in a heartbeat, please let us know!
We have 5 licenses (each a few pages in clean text) – if you could do ONE in some spare time this week, we would lavish much love and credit to your marvellousness online.

How now?

1. Click and mail Tobias with a YES I’m in (below blue link).

2. He’ll send you the doc and template

3. Craft up the code when you can

4. Send it back, and we celebrate you widely.

 Count me in for a license translation >>


PS. if code’s not your thing, but you’d still dig to come help us expand how we can share and build (legally) on each other’s creative, scientific, educational and cultural work in SA. Whatever makes the Web a little more intelligent from your perspective, bring it. Please let me know: max@creativecommonsza.org or @maxkaizen



Discover glorious photographs, shared under Creative Commons licenses that help make our Web more beautiful. Thank you to Babashynam http://flickr.com/photos/babanshyam/ for this one, licensed non-Commercial Share-Alike