Now  you can apply CC licences to your Instagram pics. We’re blown away by a new program that allows you to easily apply CC licences to your Instagram’s. Started by Philip Neustrom @philipn co-founder of Local Wiki  with 629 users this morning (and counting) it looks like it’s set to make a major impact on open culture.


Here is Philip’s manifesto


Flickr has something like 200,000,000+ images licensed under Creative Commons, making them the biggest repository of Creative Commons work in the world. CC work from flickr is regularly used by Wikipedia, magazines, books, bloggers, everyone! It’s downright fantastic!

Instagram gets something like 5+ million new photos a day. If we could get just a small fraction of people to agree to CC license their photos we could make a huge impact on the free culture movement.

Right now I just provide a simple way to agree to license your existing photos + photos you’ll take for the next 3 months under a CC license. I kept the timeframe 3 months because I don’t want people to forget that they signed up for this — I want this to be a really legitimate repository of free images. I’m capturing all of the Instagram API details and the API exposes most of them. Geo API support coming soon (like next week, when I have time)

Let’s make this happen! Help spread the word!




Go to to register your Instagram’s